Cabinets and HMI panels tested and ready for delivery.

QSPEC was tasked with increasing existing production capacity and creating a modern and expandable infrastructure in this Antigen Transfer Suite Modernization project. Systems updated included Media Preparation, Fermentation, Downstream Processing, Clean-in-Place (CIP), and the support of Process Clean Utilities.

Download the full ATM Suite project brief.

A major pharmaceutical company required improvement in the control of the facility utilities. Operators contend with three different utility systems, which made facility control and monitoring difficult. QSPEC Solutions analyzed the three systems and developed a recommendation for the combination of multiple Allen-Bradley control architectures to provide a single operator platform for control purposes. In addition, process improvements were identified for the sanitization of the WFI distribution systems. QSPEC Solutions provided updated Functional Specifications, fully implemented the system, and assisted in validation.

Download the full WFI Controls Optimization project brief.

Skid Mounted Spray Dryer

A contract manufacturing facility in the Pharmaceutical industry required automation and controls for a new Spray Dryer Process line consisting of skid-mounted equipment and requiring the highest level of versatility and portability for product change-overs, as well as capacity for future expansion to control a second line.

Download the complete project brief here: Skid Mounted Spray Dryer

Our technical personnel have years of experience in the oil and gas industry. The majority of our experience has been in the transmission and distribution of crude, intermediates and final products.

We specifically have experience with pipeline SCADA systems, pump station automation, compressor station control, tank farm SCADA, manifold operation, terminal automation and load management system design. We also have experience with offshore platform SCADA and control systems.


Pipeline Scada Systems Emergency Shutown Systems
Precipitator and Fly Ash Control Liquid Fuel Terminal Automation
Offshore Platform Recovery and Processing Systems Refined Products Storage Facility
Balance-of-Plant Controls – 500 KW Power Station Pump Station Controls and Central Communications Hub

QSPEC Solutions’ client is a confidential life sciences manufacturer. The purpose of the Environmental Monitoring System is to provide regulatory required monitoring of the air quality (differential pressures and particulate counts) in the production areas of the pharmaceutical plant. This project involved replacing the existing overloaded and unreliable Opto-22/PC based system with a PLC based SCADA system. QSPEC Solutions’ system monitors the various differential pressure sensors and particulate counters located in two separate production areas in multiple ControlLogix PLCs. The interface to the particulate counters required development of a custom program for a ProSoft serial card in the PLC, which provides direct access to the particulate data in its most accurate form.

Download the complete Environmental Monitoring System project brief


Our client requested assistance with the automation implementation, including instrumentation and controls, for their new API processing facility in a repurposed pharmaceutical manufacturing building. The project required a turn-key approach, including full GAMP documentation (FRS, DDS, FAT, SAT), system implementation, commissioning and qualification. QSPEC Solutions delivered a design for an integrated manufacturing process involving both stick-built and modular skidded systems at both pilot and production scales.

Download the entire project brief here: API Processing Facility


SUV line pic

An Automotive plant in Spring Hill, TN was in the process of adding SUV production to an existing 2- and 4-door sedan assembly plant, creating a need for additional conveyor lines within existing selectivity lanes.

The success of this project was due to the ability of QSPEC Solutions to understand the critical requirements for optimizing the flow of space frames from within the selectivity lanes to the respective model assembly areas.

View the full project brief here: SUV Conveyor Additions

QSPEC Solutions’ client is an integrated pharmaceuticals manufacturer. The client’s existing Wonderware InBatch Servers required upgrading to meet regulatory requirements.

Two S-88 compliant Batch systems that control and document a compounding and an API bio-fermentation process and the associated HMI systems were upgraded.

The entire project brief is available here: Batch System Upgrade