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Why Batching?

If your application involves a batch process, it is worth looking at the advantages of using automation tools designed to do the job. A batch system designed and implemented by QSPEC Solutions’ experts can provide the following advantages:

Manufacturing Flexibility

Once a batch system is in place, you can make process changes simply and quickly by editing recipes. Since the recipes resemble a flow chart, minimal programming knowledge is required to modify or create them.

Accountability and Record Keeping

Batch systems record vital information about each batch. The data can include actual and target parameters, operator ID’s and material tracking information. Custom reports give you the batch history data you need in a usable form.

Consistency and Quality

Batch systems insure product consistency and quality. Each batch is processed identically and each phase can be validated. System security allows only authorized personnel to make process adjustments.

Reduced Validation Costs

Batch systems greatly reduce validation costs. PLC and DCS systems require validation any time the program/configuration is changed. Using a validated batch system, a new recipe or modified recipe doesn’t require system validation

Stats on batching 90%
Design 80%
Automation 99%
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