Discrete Manufacturing

The engineering staff of QSPEC Solutions has extensive experience in the application of PLCs, HMI Systems, Robotics, and Machine Vision technology within Discrete Manufacturing Facilities. We can help with control logic changes and additions, panel design, start-up services, as well as many automotive control services.

Discrete Manufacturing Services and Projects

Gas Filters Anti-Lock Brakes
Broaching Machines Headlight Aiming Equipment
Glass Installation Vehicle Identification Stamping
Plastic Pellet Extrusion Candy Manufacturing
Environmental Controls Three-Dimensional Laser Soldering
Glass Vision Inspection Production Line Annunciation
Corrugated Box Production Cotton Swab Inspection
Paper Handling, Registration, Die Cutting, and Embossing Plastic Blow Molding, Injection Molding, and Extrusion
QSPEC Solutions Circles Shadows